Here’s what others have said about Jacob.

Moe Himed, Colleague to Jacob at OptiRev

When it comes to web design and development, Jacob is a top notch performer. He understands branding and improving a clients product better than anyone I know. His ability to pay attention to details could possibly be a superpower so I totally recommend him.

January 11, 2020
Heidi Dunkelgod, Professor to Jacob at San Francisco State University

Jacob is a problem solver. He is well organized, reliable, efficient, and collaborative with an excellent command of web technologies. My highest recommendation.

May 20, 2019
Mari Hulick, Director of the School of Design at San Francisco State University

Jacob is one of those outstanding students who have figured out how to combine creativity and invention with work ethic and empathy. He is a fabulous team player who can easily be either leader or member. He is so mature, he is able to put his ego aside in order to get the work done very, very well. His ideas are terrific and he has the (somewhat elusive) ability to realize those ideas efficiently and with grace.

He has very high technical skills combined with excellent design skills. And, he is a joy to work with. As far as I’m concerned, he is the unicorn everyone is looking for. He’s a terrific addition to any team, and I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again soon.

October 12, 2018
Sara Ysunza, Manager to Jacob at Soiland; Colleague to Jacob at OptiRev

Jacob is very detail oriented and focused. He has an innate ability to manage projects and employees in a kind and thoughtful manner. He communicates thoroughly and respectfully. I highly recommend him in any type of position, especially one in management.

August 12, 2016
Milt Hodges, Senior colleague to Jacob at PBHS

If I were the looking for top talent for a digital media company Jacob McAdam would be the first call I would make. I had the pleasure of working with Jacob for almost two years at, collaborating on several projects for our clients. Working with Jacob is a breath of fresh air because it’s so rare to find a young adult who is extremely detailed oriented, responsible, consistent, and takes initiative to go the extra mile on every project. Jacob’s ability to manage multiple challenging projects with incredible patience and execution is impressive to say the least. As a lead Web Developer on our team, Jacob is the kind of employee you can trust with multiple projects and expect flawless execution. Jacob completes ninety-five percent of his projects on time or ahead of schedule. Jacob is also one of the bright spots on our team because he is pleasant to work with and never complains about anything. One of his strengths is his ability to collaborative in a mature manner on challenging projects. He gets his point across in a pleasant non-argumentative way. Jacob is an outstanding employee and would immediately add value to any company. His web development, graphic design, project management, and time management skills make him standout in any crowded list of potential hires. In addition, Jacob is team player, a joy to work with and, has great integrity.

June 8, 2015
Jane Brenner, Client to Jacob’s Freelance Work

Attentive and helpful! My website works well, thanks to Jacob.

October 22, 2013
Derek Wilcox, Manager to Jacob at BYU I-Comm Student Media

Jacob willingly took on any project I threw at him. He produced quality, creative design work for several clients. He was especially good at translating client ideas to visual communication. I knew I could count on him to meet deadlines. He is fun to be around and makes his bosses look good.

August 28, 2010