Website Design & Development

Occult Club at
San Francisco State University

Occult Club SFSU website design by Jacob McAdam

Project Brief

Design Challenge
How can the Occult Club be promoted through a simple website?

Project Description
While attending San Francisco State University I wanted to start a student organization for fellow Occultists, Pagans, and practitioners of alternative spiritual paths. I supported the organization with regular marketing efforts, original logo design, and website design.

Software & Resources Used

Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop

The Final Design

The website used shades of black to keep the tone serious. A limited use of photography and stylized typography helped channel an Occult-centered focus. The whole point of the website was to educate students and faculty on what the club’s mission is, and establish a way for users to get into contact with organizers.

Occult Club SFSU banner motion graphics
The banner contained motion graphics using an animated GIF as the background.
Occult Club SFSU display of graphics
A highlight of various spiritual paths broken down in clean graphics.
Occult Club SFSU newsletter signup
A newsletter signup form helped capture interested students.
Occult Club SFSU website design by Jacob McAdam
The final website design for Occult Club SFSU.


The website kept things simple by being all one page. Jump links were added to the menu to help users find content more easily.


This website was made for the Occult Club at San Francisco State University (2016).