Personal Brand Design

Food Wine Marcy

A logo and branding guidelines were developed for Marcy Carriker Smothers
and were then disseminated into collateral marketing and website design.

Food Wine Marcy branding splash banner

Project Brief

Design Challenge
Who is Marcy Carriker Smothers, and how could a brand represent her professional identity?

Project Description
Marcy is the author of Eat Like Walt, Snacks: Isle by Isle; A Walt Disney and Disneyland historian; A TV and Radio personality; and a lifestyle influencer.

Software & Resources Used

Adobe IllustratorAdobe Illustrator
Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesignAdobe InDesign

Final Logo & Branding Guidelines

The final logo utilizes both Marcy’s online personality “Food Wine Marcy” and her full name. The typographic set includes a display font, geometric heading font, and sans-serif body copy. While the logo remains simple with just two colors—a full set of colors were carefully crafted incase designs needed to be expanded in other media formats.

Food Wine Marcy final logo design
Food Wine Marcy typography
Food Wine Marcy color scheme

Final Website Design

The website design was based off of Solopine’s WordPress theme. I changed out the typography and color to follow the branding guidelines.

Food Wine Marcy website mockup home
Food Wine Marcy website mockup bio

Final Collateral Marketing

With a final logo, type, and color I created an email signature and business card design for Marcy to use when communicating and promoting herself.

Food Wine Marcy email signature
Food Wine Marcy business card mockup

Discovery Process

After sifting my way through Marcy’s books, website, and interviewing her I was able to start a few wordplay lists. These lists explored Marcy’s industry, what exactly was her niche in those industries, and then a few descriptors to identify aspects of her future brand.


  • Author
    • Food and Wine
    • Children’s Author
  • Historian
    • Pop Culture
  • “Celebrity”, “Personality”
    • Radio, Podcasts
    • Social Media
    • Lifestyle Influencer
Industry Niches

  • Food & Wine
    • Cooking at Home
    • Food Explorer, Adventurer
  • Disney
    • Walt Disney’s Life
    • Disneyland in Walt’s Era (1940s–1960s)
  • Communitarian
      Elevate visibility for causes

  • Fun
  • Hangout with Marcy
  • Approachable
  • Insatiable Curiosity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Community
  • Sparkly, Juicy
  • Adventurer, Boundless Energy
  • Lifestyle Influencer
  • Whimsical
Names, Titles & Taglines

  • Marcy Carriker Smothers
  • “Food, Wine, and Marcy”
  • “Food Wine Marcy”
  • Food · Wine · Marcy
  • “Disneyland Historian”
  • “Time Capsule of Walt Disney”
  • Walt Disney Historian

Design Research

I surveyed a few figures within Marcy’s industries to gain an understanding of how I might approach a professional personal brand. There were some take aways regarding color use and typography. I even noticed that some professionals seemed to correlate their outfits with their branding elements.

personal brand examples 04
personal brand examples 02
personal brand examples 01
personal brand examples 03
personal brand examples 05

Typographic Survey

I searched a few different font banks for potential typeface candidates. This would be the basis of the logo design, so it was important to do a proper search and experimentation. Once I had a large collection I started sorting them into categories such as: Elegant/Refined, Personable/Charismatic, Energetic/Playful, and Periodic. I tried to stay in categories that corresponded with the wordplay descriptors to retain creative boundaries.

Typographic survey 01
Typographic survey 02
Typographic survey 03

Logo Iterations

Once typefaces were narrowed down to a few I started playing with them to see where they could lead me. I worked with the typefaces in black and white experimenting with arrangements and trying variations on name. At a certain point in this development I moved into color exploration and continued to push the design.

Food Wine Marcy logo design iterations 07
Food Wine Marcy logo design iterations 06
Food Wine Marcy logo design iterations 05
Food Wine Marcy logo design iterations 01
Food Wine Marcy logo design iterations 02
Food Wine Marcy logo design iterations 03
Food Wine Marcy logo design iterations 04

Branding Before & After

I pulled together samples of typography, color, and imagery to compare the branding before and after the project.

Food Wine Marcy Old Branding
Food Wine Marcy New Branding


After the creative process was complete we arrived at a new collection of branding elements: bright warm colors and trendy typefaces—all which summed up Marcy’s personality concisely.

This project was made by OptiRev for Marcy Carriker Smothers (2018).