Branding & Collateral Marketing Design

Artstart Business Cards & Brochure

Project Brief

Design Challenge
How can Arstart’s brand be redesigned through collateral marketing materials?

Project Description
Artstart is a youth arts organization based in Sonoma County. The non-profit hires high-schoolers and junior college students to work on various art projects while under the mentorship of professional artists. Artstart’s branding was undeveloped and needed a conceptual substance to it. Business cards and brochures were created for promoting the program and educating potential clients.

Software & Resources Used

Adobe IllustratorAdobe Illustrator
Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesignAdobe InDesign

The Final Products

A series of four business cards were designed for Artstart. The back of the card highlights products using various typeface sizes to indicate the organization’s specialities as well as frequency of demand for that service. A brochure was also designed to promote their non-profit program and services.

Jacob McAdam Visual Design Business Cards for Artstart
Mockups of the final business card and brochure designs.


The branding elements were re-addressed in color scheme and typography. The use of space and scale helped manage hierarchy and prioritize key content within the design of the brochure and card designs.

This project was designed for Artstart. Presentation mockup designed by Webvilla.