Jacob’s Profile & Skills


My skill-set spans both visual design and website development. Beyond this, my most praised abilities lie within communication, leadership, and strategic-thinking.

Nothing is more attractive to me than creating something—I get lost in it. With the right combination of planning, training, and collaboration I’m able to manage teams with successful outcomes. I’m always sharping the tools in my belt by challenging myself with new projects just outside my comfort zone.

Design is a process of understanding—and I wish to understand the world around me.

Jacob recently graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design. Jacob currently resides in Oakland, CA with his partner.

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Career Outlook

Lately, my aspirations are moving me out of web development and into visual design. I have no reservations against working in the industry of web development—I just want to make visual design the primary aspect of my career.

Areas of Expertise

Visual Design

Graphic Design, Print Design, Brand Design, Information Design, Web Design, User-Interface Design (UI), User-Experience Design (UX)

Website Development

Responsive Design, WordPress Theme Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Leadership & Management

Project Management, Business Operations