Meet Jacob McAdam

Designer + Developer + Student @ SFSU

Jacob McAdam self-portrait

I'm a real person! I freelance and do contract work for small businesses and entreprenures. I'm currently attending San Francisco State University with a major in Visual Communication Design (BS).

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Jacob's Collective Portfolio

Design + Websites + Programs + Art

My portfolio contains finished visual design works for print and digital platforms. I've both designed and developed numerous websites. I've dabbled in programming, and have a few beta projects to preview here in my portfolio. Oh, and I'm an artist too!

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Services for Hire

Design + Website Services

As a freelancer, I can provide a variety of visual design and web development services.

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Special Projects

Game Development + Programming

Some of my projects are simply experiments, others are serious collaborations with friends and collegues.

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Jacob McAdam Special Project Social Shape Interspace screenshot
Social Shape Interspace
HTML5 Canvas
Version: Beta
Jacob McAdam Special Project EyeJing screenshot
Project EyeJing
Version: Beta